FullSizeRenderHi,my name is Kaede, and I am 9 years old and the founder of Ka-pow Snowboards.

Ka-pow started in 2015 when my Dad and I where in a snowboard shop in Whistler, BC and I looked up at a strangely shaped snowboard on the wall and asked “What kind of board is that, Dad?”, he told me it was a swallow tail and meant to be used in powder. I asked why and he explained it made the rider naturally lean back which made riding in deep powder much less tiring. It sounded like a great idea so I asked if they made them in kid sizes, and we realized that even though they would be perfect for kids, nobody was making them in small sizes.

Untitled-3We decided to try making one ourselves by re-shaping a used board we found at a local shop. We finished it just in time for a big powder day at our local mountain and it worked AMAZINGLY well. I thought other kids would want to try it and had the idea to start a business for making them.

The reason why I started Ka-pow was because kids love powder, but they can’t stay in it for very long because there legs get super tired. The shape of the Ka-Pow boards help smaller riders float in powder without getting as tired. This means more time in good snow for kids and whoever they’re riding with!

Ka-Pow boards are perfect for kids who already know how to snowboard, but want to have more fun floating in powder. We recommend that riders choose a board a few centimeters longer than what they usually ride.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to get your hands on a Ka-Pow board, let us know on our Contact Page!